Progettiamo e realizziamo tastiere a membrana, pannelli sinottici e circuiti flessibili

Flexible Circuits


Flexible circuits are made by applying conductive paste (with a silver base) on a polyester film with a silk-screen printing process.

Electrical part of membrane keyboards are used as simple circuits where it is necessary to contain the overall dimensions and/or connect several components on different levels.

Thanks to the technology applied it is possible to create 0.2 mm thick single or multi-layer flexible circuits with a 1 mm pitch, thereby considerably reducing overall dimensions.

They can be supplied with adhesive to make assembly operations easier.


  • RoHS declaration of conformity
  • Customisable shapes and thicknesses
  • Adhesive on both sides
  • Crimped connectors
  • Flat-cable, pitch >1 mm
  • Metal caps
  • Built-in LEDs